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Covid 19 Risk Assessment 2022

Paper copy in property


Short Term Lets and Holiday Rentals


Property Name: Freshwater Barn 


Date Review: Yearly (when changes occur)       monthly if necessary


Date of Assessment:  10.01.2022


Notes: Government Guidelines


Assessed: Sophie Verschuur


Severity of Risk 3         Likelihood 1                    Risk Low

Risk Assessment       

(something with the 

potential to cause harm)

Who would be affected?

(guest/householders any additional cleaners

Current control

measures to reduce the risk of harm

Likelihood of harm




Severity of harm






Risk to Whom

Current Controls

Can anything further be Done


Person to person contact during Covid 19 Pandemic

Becoming infected with Covid further spread of Infection


Owner and family


Local Community

Gate and front door sprayed with Anti-bac before arrival.

Separate gate used for guests only.

Any necessary conversations either to be held outside with min 2 metre distance or via mobiles.

Discussion referencing arrival to maintain social distance

Anyone entering the property instructed to use hand sanitizer on bench and then wash hands thoroughly.


Minimise contact between 2 parties.

Provide a pre-arrival/ departure pack

Ensure guests not present during interim cleans

Any maintenance issues to be arranged when guests out of property


Owner/Cleaner not fit for work and infected with Covid 19

Could spread Covid 19 through cleaning property.

Report illness of infected person and trace

Masks and gloves to be provided and cleaned according with Gov guidelines. Particular care when Covid 19 confirmed to prevent spread

Cleaning chemicals and floor steamer provided to minimise and or eliminate spread of virus


All persons to have read government guidelines.

Create cleaning check list to be completed.

Any issued to be flagged before guests arrival.

All persons instructed on use of hand sanitizer and handwashing.


Incorrect/ineffective cleaning materials used or cleaning regimes

Not cleaning or sanitizing the property correctly

Detailed check list given and explanation/instruction on how to use steamer, cleaning procedure hot soapy water and then sanitize high risk areas

H &S file produced to demonstrate compliance

Put document together stating what should be sanitized within property

Touch points, door handles, bannisters surface bathrooms

Ensure all cleaning materials are clean and fit for purpose

PAT testing when applicable


Dealing with a guest who is unwell or infectious outbreak in your property.

The spread of an infection outbreak

Emergency telephone numbers are listed in the folder and on website.

Agencies and or future guests notified to amend future bookings.

Place all contaminated bedclothes in plastic bag. Leave for 72 hours before washing at 60 degrees and over.

Any shopping or medication left outside of property.


Call guests to clearly understand the situation and if they need to extend their stay and how long.

Build network with other property owners to assist with rescheduling.

Deliver at safe distance clean linen and bag for guests to place used linen in




Incorrectly Laundered Bedding

Bacteria not killed off properly

All bedding and towels to be washed at 60 degrees and over. To include under blanket, duvet cover and pillow cases.

Use cotton bedding to washed at 60 and over


Changeover Clean

Contaminated accommodation/spread of Covid 19

All windows to be opened to allow full ventilation

Soft furnishings to be either washed, wiped or sprayed with Anti bac wherever possible

Carpets and floors to be hoovered and steamed

All high touch services to be cleaned thoroughly using warm water and soap, and then sprayed accordingly.

Changeover cleans to be carried out after guests have departed.

Hands must be sanitized and then washed on access to property  and after cleaning each individual area to prevent cross contamination

Ensure cleaning and maintenance procedures adhered to.







Infection of Legionella from standing water if property empty

Combi boiler so no water tanks

Hot and Cold water run for 2 mins

Flush Loos

First flush Loos, run water through shower and taps in both bathrooms and kitchen sink




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